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Qinyang won the title of "the first city in China for the development and demonstration of corrosion-resistant products"

recently, China Industrial Corrosion Protection Technology Association and China Chemical Enterprise Management Association awarded Qinyang the title of "the first city in China for the development and demonstration of corrosion-resistant products", which is a full affirmation of the development achievements of fiber reinforced plastic corrosion-resistant products in the city in the past 30 years. It is reported that on July 21, the city will participate in the licensing ceremony held by the China Industrial Corrosion Protection Technology Association and the China Chemical Enterprise Management Association in the Great Hall of the people

fiber reinforced plastics can analyze the influence of different stress states on the strength and plasticity of materials. Corrosion resistant products, commonly known as FRP products, began to rise in Qinyang in the 1970s, with manual operation as the main production mode. By the peak of the 1980s, there were 700 FRP enterprises in the city. Later, with the introduction of mechanical winding, extrusion, spraying, injection, molding and other technologies and equipment, the FRP enterprises in the city also optimized and reorganized through restructuring, mergers and other means, gradually making it a plane parallel to each other and perpendicular to the cylindrical axis of the specimen hole, and embarked on the road of standardized production and management

"in the process of industrial development, we constantly change our ideas, broaden our thinking, fully tap the advantages of resources and human resources, and vigorously promote the transformation of FRP enterprises from quantity to quality, from extensive to intensive, and finally refine, strengthen and expand this industry." Chen Jingru, Secretary of the municipal Party committee of the city, said with confidence

in recent years, the municipal Party committee and government of the city have effectively promoted the development of FRP Industry by issuing preferential policies, increasing scientific and technological investment, introducing technology, cultivating talents, strengthening horizontal links and other measures, so that its production process is continuously improved, the production scale is continuously expanded, the product quality is continuously improved, and the economic benefits are continuously increased

the FRP enterprises in the city further strengthen the industrialization research and development of high-grade insulation and flame retardant series products, building materials, oil and gas pipelines, cooling towers and other products, especially FRP automobile, train parts and other high-grade FRP products, by using mechanisms, winding, spraying, injection, extrusion, molding and other technologies. At present, 80% of the FRP enterprises in the city have their own expert consultants and special products

the city gives full play to the national spark technology intensive advantages and industrial advantages, constantly expands the application fields of products, develops new products with international level such as wind power blades, comprehensively improves the scientific and technological content of FRP pillar industries, and gradually makes the primary input data of FRP enterprises permanently reused to develop into high-tech and export-oriented

at present, more than 200 FRP enterprises in the city have all carried out the combination of production, study and research with colleges and universities, and the number of scientific and technological achievements and patent applications has doubled year by year; The types of FRP products have changed from single cooling equipment to more than 1800 varieties, such as daily necessities, military products, lamps, vehicle accessories, fire-proof decorative panels, etc. the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Germany, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Tanzania, Sudan and Hong Kong, China. In 2008, the sales revenue was 3.2 billion yuan and the profit and tax was 430million yuan

it is reported that the city will also take over the flag of the China International Corrosion Control Conference and host the Fifth China International Corrosion Control Conference in 2011

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