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Pft2014 Shanghai packaging and food processing exhibition was grandly held in October. As the most influential packaging and food processing exhibition in China, pft2014 will be grandly held in Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center on October, showing all kinds of packaging machinery and food processing equipment in an all-round way

2014 Shanghai packaging and food processing equipment exhibition is a platform for professional procurement and exchange in the packaging and food processing industry. After seven years of growth, it has established its leading position in packaging and food processing, but China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. It has won a good reputation among exhibitors and visitors because of its strong professionalism, great influence, wide publicity, high positioning of exhibits, and the annual increase in foreign trade volume. The annual growth rate exceeded 20% of advanced energy materials, and the re exhibition rate reached 78%. With the strong support of many industry associations and relevant media, this exhibition has developed into the preferred Exhibition for domestic packaging and food processing enterprises to promote new technologies and equipment, contact foreign advanced technology, and appreciate the latest development trends abroad. At the same time, it is also the most eye-catching annual event for visitors to buy equipment and learn about packaging and food processing technology at home and abroad

during the same period of the exhibition, various technical seminars with wonderful contents will be held to give visitors a better insight into the development trend of the industry market, understand the latest national policies, and better assist exhibitors in promoting the latest technologies, publishing new products and providing various exchanges

in the gold purchasing season in October every year, Hexin exhibition presents China's leading packaging and food processing equipment exhibition in Shanghai. Every year, the exhibition attracts tens of thousands of professional buyers to purchase various packaging machinery and food processing equipment, including manufacturers/processing plants, packaging/printing plants, traders, government agencies and relevant associations/chambers of Commerce in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical and other industries; You will see the latest and best-selling products recently developed and developed by well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, as well as the products with technological progress, equipment upgrading and scientific and technological innovation flashing everywhere, providing buyers with rich choices. Insiders gathered to exchange, conclude cooperation and guide the new trend of market development. China is becoming the third largest economy in the world. As a professional trade exhibition focusing on the domestic market for many years, Shanghai packaging and food processing equipment exhibition also provides overseas suppliers with the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market

pft2014 Shanghai packaging and food processing equipment exhibition is the best platform for manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machinery, food processing equipment, auxiliary production and processing equipment, medicine, daily chemical and other fields to consolidate old customers, find new customers, understand the market and promote new products/brands

Shanghai is the largest city in China and the window of China's foreign trade. In the Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition, all 3D printing material centers are located in the city center, which is the most concentrated place for domestic and foreign trade promotion agencies in the urban area. Every year, it regularly holds various large-scale exhibitions, such as the China international procurement and trade fair, the international procurement trend seminar, and the Shanghai Export Commodities Fair. It is an ideal platform for international exhibition activities integrating advanced and cutting-edge software and hardware facilities and a beautiful environment. For more details of pft2014 exhibition, please log in or

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