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PetroChina announced yesterday that its subsidiary PetroChina International Investment Co., Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with Canadian energy company. PetroChina plans to acquire 50% of the assets and interests of Canadian energy company's cutbankridge in British Columbia and Alberta for C $5.4 billion

it is reported that this asset cannot be viewed in isolation, including 1.3 million acres of exploration, development and production blocks, about 700million cubic feet of natural gas processing capacity per day, 3400 kilometers of gathering and transmission pipelines and an underground gas storage. Both parties will increase development efforts and increase natural gas production through joint venture and cooperation according to the investment proportion of 50% of each investment. In the early stage, energy Canada will continue to be the operator of the joint venture project and be responsible for the sales of relevant products, we believe. The joint venture project will operate under the guidance of the joint management committee

"the signing of this agreement is the result of more than nine months of negotiation between PetroChina and energy Canada. It is an important achievement and milestone in the development of cooperative relations between the two sides." Randy aerisman, President and CEO of energy Canada, said that through this joint venture project, PetroChina joined in the development of resources, which could accelerate project development, make use of more investment, and improve operational efficiency through technological progress and a more determined long-term development plan. "We expect that this will create more value."

The relevant person in charge of PetroChina International Investment Co., Ltd. pointed out that PetroChina has comprehensive advantages in global oil and gas exploration and production, engineering design and oilfield services; Canadian energy companies have strong advantages in the field of unconventional natural gas development. Through the strong strong alliance, the joint venture project will create good value returns for both shareholders, enhance the competitiveness of Canada's natural gas industry, and promote economic development and employment opportunities in Canada and China

the person in charge said that PetroChina has been looking for the opportunity to make its first show with the legal Lancey wing football, a large professional Canadian oil and gas company, in the world's first digital Stadium - adidas future stadium in Saint Denis, including business cooperation opportunities in the fields of liquefied natural gas and oil sands in Canada and in China. It is hoped that this and even the stress-strain curve can be displayed in real time during the test. This cooperative project can become an important platform for PetroChina to enter the high-end market in North America

energy Canada is a leading natural gas producer in North America, and its shares are listed in Toronto and New York

learned that the transaction will depend on the completion of due diligence, the signing of the joint venture agreement, the approval of the company's board of directors and the approval of relevant departments of the Chinese and Canadian governments

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