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Petroleum and petrochemical products have become the focus of Xinjiang's foreign trade development

building Xinjiang into China's strategic oil reserve base. At the same time, through Xinjiang, the implementation of the international energy channel strategy connecting Central Asia has pushed Xinjiang's petroleum and petrochemical industry to a peak, and petroleum and petrochemical products have become the focus of Xinjiang's foreign trade development

it is reported that the fifth Xinjiang International Petroleum and petrochemical products exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang International Petroleum and petrochemical exhibition) will be held in Xinjiang International Expo Center from June 18 to 20. As the gathering place of China's oil and gas resources and the necessary place for overseas oil and gas pipelines to enter China, PetroChina and Sinopec have increased their oil and gas exploration and development efforts in Xinjiang in recent years. The relevant staff of the organizer Xinjiang Yashi Exhibition Co., Ltd. said: "in the past two years, the two groups have invested 68.6 billion yuan in Xinjiang. How to process and convert crude oil in Xinjiang, and then sell finished and semi-finished products to the mainland market is the purpose of many Chinese enterprises in Xinjiang."

as early as a few years ago, the Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation of the autonomous region proposed, Future priorities "Relying on the newly expanded adhesive utilization and development laboratory located in Bayer Shanghai polymer research and development center and the global innovation team that has been fully invested in scientific research projects, the first priority is to strengthen the strategy of importing and exporting petroleum products between Xinjiang and Central Asian countries. We should further expand the import of crude oil, strive to increase the export of refined oil products, polyester chips, methyl ethyl ketone and other downstream fine chemical products, and use resource development to drive foreign trade, economy and technology Cooperation

there are many factors that attract enterprises to invest in Xinjiang International Petroleum and petrochemical exhibition. The first is the resource advantage of Xinjiang. The Tarim, Junggar and Turpan Hami basins in Xinjiang contain 20.9 billion tons of oil and 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas, accounting for 1/4 of the total onshore oil and gas in China

in recent years, the second generation styrene based thermoplastic elastomer SEBS of PetroChina, Sinopec and CHEMCHINA came into being in 1972. With the increase of investment in Xinjiang, the petrochemical industry in Xinjiang began to develop by leaps and bounds. At present, the 10million ton oil refining project and 1.2 million ton ethylene project of Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, and the natural gas acetylene construction project jointly funded by Sinopec Sichuan Vinylon plant and Xinjiang Meike investment group Meike Chemical Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 400million yuan have been launched

at present, the rich oil and gas resources of Central Asian countries need to rely on exports to achieve their own economic take-off. It is understood that Kazakhstan has clearly pointed out in its oil policy that it should strengthen efforts to attract foreign investment, Make full use of the country "Develop the domestic oil industry with high-quality and advanced technologies and processes. At the same time, improve the domestic oil deep processing capacity and increase the added value of products. In addition, Kazakhstan has defined six specific directions in terms of natural gas policy, namely, developing natural gas fields, strengthening the exploitation of free gas, effectively utilizing associated gas, expanding commodity gas production, developing regular pipeline transportation of natural gas and realizing the integration of natural gas. It is the implementation of the above policies The economic growth rate of Kazakhstan has been as high as 9% for five consecutive years

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and other countries are also rich in oil and gas resources. According to statistics, Turkmenistan's proven oil reserves are 230 million tons, and 80% of the current exploitation can be used for export. Uzbekistan ranks second among Asian countries in terms of natural gas resources. At present, 16 oil and gas exploration projects have been participated by foreign investors

it is reported that during the exhibition, Xinjiang Petroleum chamber of Commerce will organize Xinjiang Petroleum Enterprises to participate in the exhibition and study, and will invite national petroleum chamber of commerce enterprises to Xinjiang for investigation

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