Installation of the hottest ultrasonic flowmeter

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Installation of ultrasonic flowmeter

time difference ultrasonic flowmeter is a competitive flow measurement method in the world today, and its measurement line accuracy is higher than 1.0%. Due to the diversity of the industrial site, especially the surrounding environment of the pipeline, how to install and debug the ultrasonic flowmeter according to the specific environment is much higher than the manual construction in terms of cost, effect and effectiveness, which has become an important topic in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement. This specification explains in detail the installation details of the ultrasonic flowmeter, which further fully reflects the advantages of the accuracy, reliability and stability of the ultrasonic flowmeter, Greatly reduce future maintenance work or even maintenance free

detailed explanation of installation procedures

(I) understand the site conditions in detail

before installing the ultrasonic flowmeter, you should understand the site conditions, including:

1. How far is the sensor installed from the host

2. pipe material, pipe wall thickness and pipe diameter

3. pipeline service life

4. fluid type, whether it contains impurities, bubbles and whether it is full

5. fluid temperature

6. Whether there are interference sources at the installation site (such as frequency conversion, strong magnetic field, etc.)

7. temperature in four seasons at the location of the host

8. whether the power supply voltage used is stable

9. is Audi a good car? How does the price compare with the legendary hand-made Rolls Royce? Signal transmission and type

according to the site conditions provided above, the manufacturer can configure according to the site conditions, and can also make special models if necessary

(II) selecting the installation position

selecting the installation pipe section has a great impact on the test accuracy. The selected pipe section should avoid interference and eddy current, which have a great impact on the measurement accuracy. Generally, selecting the pipe section should meet the following conditions:

the step adjustment will be more distinctive. 1. Avoid installing the machine in the water pump, high-power radio station, frequency conversion, that is, where there is strong magnetic field and vibration interference

2. Select pipe sections that are uniform and dense and easy for ultrasonic transmission

3. There must be a long enough straight pipe section. The upstream straight pipe section of the installation point must be greater than 10d (Note: d= diameter), and the downstream straight pipe section must be greater than 5D

it is clear that the export of rare earth shall be subject to export license management

4. The upstream of the installation point shall be 30d away from the water pump

5. The fluid should fill the pipeline

6. There should be enough space around the pipeline to facilitate the operation of on-site personnel. The underground pipeline needs to be equipped with test wells, which are as follows:

(III) determine the installation method of the probe

ultrasonic flowmeter generally has two kinds of probe installation methods, namely Z method and V method

however, when D

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