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Siping imported electric boiler installation

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Siping imported electric boiler installation

"bottleneck of electric heating"it's the price. " Wenchengjun, director of the urban heating security guidance center of Jilin Province, said that in the pilot process of electric heating, some electricity costs are high, which is higher than the price of central heating, while others save costs, which is lower than the price of central heating. The reason mainly depends on whether the building itself is energy-efficient. For example, the thermal insulation level of old buildings is not high, and the electricity cost of electric heating alone is already higher than the price of urban central heating. The new energy-saving buildings will save money by using electric heating

Jilin Rui Ke Hans Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, electrical components, electric heating equipment and photovoltaic equipment. It is an electrical equipment enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales in Jilin Province, with a registered capital of 50million yuan and an annual output value of nearly 500million yuan

recently, I came to the Yanbian Nursing Center for moderate and severe disabled people in the suburbs of Yanji city. As soon as I entered the classroom, the heat came to my face. Zhang Li, director of the center, said that in the past, she used to use small coal-fired boilers for heating, but was opposed by nearby villagers because of thick smoke. Later, she launched a ground source heat pump device, but after two years of use, there was no water on the underground well, and heating in winter became her "heart disease". Last year, with the help and guidance of guoyanbian power supply company, a new set of regenerative electric boiler was installed, and the valley electricity was used to boil water at night. Those disabled children can take off their thick down jackets in the classroom

the company's products mainly include semiconductor electric boilers, energy storage electric boilers, direct heating electric boilers, 10kV solid heat storage electric boilers, high and low voltage switchgear, electrical fire equipment, multi-functional power instruments, energy consumption management system, photovoltaic instant casting roller and 3-roll calendering Electromechanical, environmental protection storage batteries, new energy, etc., which are widely used in industrial electric heating, civil electric heating, urban heat exchange, power system and other fields

since its establishment, the company has rapidly developed into a production-oriented enterprise with independent research and development and independent production of electrical intelligent equipment. In 2015, the company won the honor of high-tech enterprise, and has obtained more than 30 invention patents and new utility patents over the years. In the future, it will gradually develop towards intelligent electrical equipment and integration of software and hardware, become an intelligent power equipment manufacturing enterprise with comprehensive strength, and create the first brand of new energy application. At present, the company has two production bases, Kalun industrial north zone and Shuangyang Economic Development Zone, covering a total area of 60000 square meters

however, many people are opposed to electric heating

the company was successfully listed on the new third board on October 27, 2016, code: 839768. At present, the company has a number of core patented technologies and independent intellectual property rights. The company will rely on leading technological advantages, modern enterprise management experience, and the advanced concept of "green, energy saving and environmental protection" to produce high-quality, energy-saving and environmental friendly green electrical products for customers, and strive to achieve technological breakthroughs in electrical environmental protection, intelligence and new energy

promoting electric heating instead of coal-fired heating can reduce pollutant emissions and adapt to the development direction of electrification in plastic extrusion molding equipment. In addition to urban central heating, there are many small coal-fired boiler rooms in the urban-rural fringe for small-scale heating, and a considerable number of residents rely on direct coal-fired heating in rural areas. It's hard to see how much the emission of coal-fired heating in a family is, but it's terrible for every family to put together

and integrate port resources after years of efforts, the company has established a mature core management team, the company is also expanding, and the operation shows a good growth trend. The company will continue to explore new regional markets in order to realize the development strategy of the national market and even the global market based on the northeast region

"electric heating includes electric heater, electric heating film, heating cable, heat pump technology, electric boiler, heating floor, electric wall heating, etc. each has its own characteristics and scope of use, and there is only suitable one." Hu Bijun, senior engineer of the China Academy of building materials science, said

on the basis of constantly improving its own technical level and development ability, the company will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, key universities and scientific research institutions, adhere to the enterprise policy of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation", and implement the enterprise cultural concept of "seeking development for the enterprise, seeking benefits for employees, and creating value for users", Continue to offer the products and services that the majority of users really need. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the key to supporting the stable growth of the company. The company now has 750 employees, with a high-quality team that is brave in exploration and innovation, including more than 100 technicians, all of whom have professional titles of engineers or above, and all of whom are college graduates or above

nowadays, the energy problem has become the core factor restricting the rapid economic development and environmental protection. Rec Hans has been committed to improving and improving the customer experience, and has spared no effort to build a large-scale intelligent package in Northeast China - other formulas: equipment production bases that can be used for vinyl, chromatin, cross-linked PVDF and fep/PVDF chemical foaming additives, leading the progress of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and encouraging "to become a first-class brand", Firmly undertake the historical mission of "creating a safe, green and beautiful new electrical life"

strengthening supervision is not "Sports". It is understood that the division of labor and key work of the three stages of strengthening supervision are: the first stage (from June 11, 2018 to August 5, 2018), a total of four rounds. "Looking back" on the implementation of the "2+26" city's "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation, the elimination of coal-fired boilers, the rectification of ministry supervision problems, and other measures stipulated in the "action plan for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter 2017-2018 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas". Sort out hot spots and public complaints, and focus on finding new gas related problems., At the video conference, the seriousness and mechanism of supervision became one of the key contents repeatedly emphasized by Li Ganjie. Li Ganjie pointed out that to strengthen the supervision of ecological environmental protection in key areas, key areas and key problems is not a "campaign" or "gust of wind", but a new long-term mechanism. It is not a requirement for "one size fits all", but to accurately treat pollution. The fundamental purpose is to help local Party committees and governments find environmental problems, solve environmental problems and improve environmental quality., In recent years, almost every round of environmental protection supervision will cause social doubts about the "movement" and "gust of wind", but the reality is that the supervision continues to deepen, the scope of supervision is wider and wider, and the intensity of supervision is greater and greater., At present, the air quality in key areas continues to improve, but the pollution phenomenon in some areas is still serious. Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is still the region with the worst ambient air quality in China. The proportion of fine weather in Hebei, Shanxi, Tianjin, Henan and Shandong provinces (cities) is less than 60%. Fen Wei plain is an area where air pollution has increased rather than decreased in recent years., At the video conference on August 8, Li Ganjie stressed that the most important thing in fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control is to win the blue sky defense war, and we should pay close attention to the implementation of the three-year battle plan to win the blue sky defense war. Firmly grasp the "four key points", that is, the key prevention and control pollution factor is PM2.5, the key areas are Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta and Fen Wei plain, the key periods are autumn, winter and early spring, and the key industries and fields are steel, thermal power, building materials and other industries, as well as "scattered pollution" enterprises, scattered coal, diesel trucks, dust control and other fields

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