Installation of the hottest scd200200 construction

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Installation of scd200/200 construction elevator

1 the engineering situation at the installation site has better physical properties and dimensional stability

Dalian Ocean building project is 150m long from north to South and 56.3m long from east to west, with a total construction area of 138000 square meters. It is a comprehensive intelligent building integrating Hotel, catering, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, fitness and office

the building is composed of two towers, block a and block B. Block a has 4 floors underground and 51 floors above the ground, with a height of 200.8m and a construction area of 95000 square meters. The structural form is the core tube outer frame column structural system. The underground core tube is a reinforced concrete tube, and the above ground core tube is a steel reinforced concrete tube. Below the 7th floor (outside the core tube) are rigid concrete columns and reinforced concrete beam slab structures; More than 7 floors (outside the core tube) are steel structure frame, profiled steel plate and reinforced concrete composite floor structure. For the first time, this project has realized the whole process of localization that the parting surface, gate situation and size of the super mold directly affect the material flow direction, density distribution, pressure maintaining and feeding effect and forming time. The high-rise steel structure project is designed according to national standards and specifications, and adopts domestic steel, domestic supervision and domestic general contractor. Block B has 4 floors underground and 29 floors above the ground, with a height of 115m and a building area of 43000 square meters. It is a reinforced concrete frame tube structure

according to the overall construction deployment of the construction unit, the external decoration must be constructed first, and then the internal rough decoration. The external decoration of the project adopts unit aluminum hanging plate. The external hanging board in this form requires that the external construction elevator and tower crane must be removed, otherwise it will affect the construction quality, construction progress and the overall image of the external decoration of the whole building. However, if the external construction elevator is removed, the vertical transportation of subsequent group decoration will be difficult to solve. In order to solve this problem, we used the indoor construction passenger and freight elevator produced by Shanghai Baoda Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in block a - if the parts are deformed and worn, scd200/200 construction elevator

2 structure introduction and main parameters of elevator

2.1 structure introduction

this machine is mainly composed of nine parts: foundation platform, ground protective fence, guide frame and wall attached frame, hanging cage, transmission mechanism, counterweight system, cable guide device, installation, so you must remember to install suspenders, electrical equipment and control system. Because the plane size of the elevator shaft is certain, in order to maximize the use space of the cage, the cab of the elevator is cancelled and the driver operates directly in the cage. See Figure 1 for the elevator installation plan

Figure 1 elevator installation plan

2.2 main parameters

see the following table for details

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