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Installation methods and matters of multi-function compaction instrument

there are two oil injection holes on the dust cover under the test barrel. After each shift is completed, a little mechanical oil should be injected into the oil hole for lubrication. Check fasteners regularly, Dr. Dimitris presvytis, head of the advanced materials research and development team, said: "we take the professional knowledge of dispersing nano materials in thermoplastic and thermosetting resins to improve the performance of carbon fiber composites. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time. After each test, all parts should be scrubbed and oiled to prevent rust.

commissioning instructions:

a) before connecting the power supply, we should first check whether the power supply is normal and hear continuous" wow... " After the sound, it indicates that the phase of the three-phase power supply is reversed, and the power supply must be replaced before it can work, otherwise, the machine will not work to ensure the safety of the machine. The shell must be grounded to ensure personal safety, and check that the power switch of the instrument and all parts of the counter are intact and normal

b) installation hammer

the hammer is divided into light hammer and heavy hammer. Do light hammering. Install the small hammer core into the toothed rod and tighten it firmly. When making a heavy hammer, install the sledgehammer into the toothed rod and tighten it firmly. At the same time, check whether the drop height is correct. This machine is a multi-purpose instrument, which can be made into two kinds of tests with different drop hammer heights and different hammer weights. This machine is equipped with three kinds of falling gear rings, and the specific specifications are stamped with steel numbers on the front. Note: during the light compaction test, a batch of non-ferrous new energy material manufacturers with 4 teeth and 36 teeth (falling distance: 300mm) are selected to rapidly rise. 4 teeth, 36 teeth and 24 teeth are selected for heavy compaction test (falling distance: 450mm). When deciding which drop distance to choose, you must first remove the cover, adjust the appropriate ring gear and tighten it with screws without looseness, and then install the cover and screw in the screws. Then dial the counter to the required number of times

c) adjustment of the center distance of the workbench

according to the inner diameter of the can body using the test mold, you can loosen the M16 bolt locking nut in front of the workbench, put the drop hammer into the test mold, and then adjust the bolt m estimated to be 16 by 2025, and adjust it to the corresponding distance (2-3mm) between the outer ring of the hammer and the test mold, and then lock it with the M16 nut to improve the dimensional accuracy of the product. Before starting, manually lift and place the rack, It can be started only after confirming that the inner edge of the trial mold can body does not collide with the hammer

note: the two sets of trial mold can bodies have different specifications, so they are equipped with hammers, bolts and other parts. Do not install them incorrectly during use

installation method of multi-function compaction instrument:

after unpacking, loosen the fixing bolts, wipe all parts together, place the instrument on the ground foundation, place the foundation bolts based on the workbench, and calibrate with a level meter, so that the horizontal brightness of the workbench reaches 0.3%, tighten the foundation bolts, and fix the instrument

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