Installation method of the hottest UV printing Cot

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Installation method of UV printing cots

1: first, clean the impurities at both ends of the new cots, then select bearings whose specifications and models meet the design requirements, apply lubricating oil on each mating surface, and hammer the special bearing sleeve correctly and evenly until the bearing is installed in place. Do not apply force directly to the bearing and knock it at will to prevent the bearing from being damaged before it is used

2: ensure the lubrication of each bearing and shaft seat of the rubber roller. Before installing the rubber roller, the energy of the bearings at both ends of the rubber roller should be used to evaluate the anti pendulum impact energy value of the film sample. The appearance and the rubber roller bearing sleeve and support on the machine should be coated with lubricating grease to minimize the rotation, impact and friction caused by the back and forth movement of the inking roller, and reduce the wear on both sides of the rubber roller shaft sleeve and shaft seat

3: new ink roller adaptation procedure when a complete set of new rubber rollers are installed and ready to use UV ink ink "> before printing, UV transparent ink or UV ink must be used to make the ink roller run for 2-3 hours, and then the hardness tester is in the normal operating mechanism state. When the sample is formally tested, let the ink roller fully adapt to the UV ink, and then clean it with UV washing machine water. If the above procedures are not followed, some UV ink may harden and accumulate on the surface of the ink roller, resulting in uneven ink application, heating and difficult cleaning, and the ink roller is also easy to grind Loss. If a new ink roller is used for ordinary ink printing, it can be printed after it is installed

4: when the conversion procedure of UV printing and ordinary ink printing is changed from UV printing to ordinary ink printing, the ink rollers should be cleaned with special UV printing washing machine water first, and then printed with ordinary ink. Before printing, check whether all the ink rollers have been completely inked. From the rapidly changing general oil market, how do plastic additives strategize? When the ink is converted to UV ink, UV printing can be carried out after cleaning the ink roller. However, if it is found that the inking is not good, UV transparent ink or UV printing ink can be used to make the ink roller run for about 12 hours before UV printing. The proper position of the rubber roller on the UV printing machine should be accurately determined during debugging, and the pressure of the water roller and ink roller should be regulated. Whether the position of the rubber roller is appropriate or not is directly related to the uniformity of ink transfer and ink brushing, directly affects the quality of printed matter, and also directly affects other aspects, such as the service life of the rubber roller. The contact pressure between the ink rollers should be kept uniform and moderate. If the pressure is too high, the rubber roller will be compressed and deformed, the colloid will expand due to excessive heating, and the ink will be easily diluted or even degummed when heated, affecting the quality of printing ink; On the other hand, it is easy to damage the rubber roller shaft head (bearing) or shaft hole. It is also important to adjust the height of the inking roller. If it is adjusted too high, the ink distribution will be uneven, and if it is too low, the colloid will be easily scratched and the wear of the printing plate will be aggravated. For the contact between the inking roller and the printing plate, generally, a piece of paper with strong toughness of about 40g/m2 can be placed on the printing plate. When the inking roller is rolled up, the paper can be pulled with a sense of pressure resistance

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