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Installation method of loose ring of plane thrust bearing

if the plane thrust is unsuccessful, the bearing mainly bears axial load in the assembly, and it is widely used. Although it is relatively simple for the thrust bearing installation and operation personnel to use the experimental machine according to the process specifications in the manual, errors often occur in actual maintenance, that is, the position of the tightening ring and loosening ring of the bearing is incorrect when they are installed together, resulting in the loss of function of the bearing and the rapid wear of the journal. The inner ring of the tightening ring is in transitional fit with the shaft journal. When the shaft rotates, it drives the tightening ring and rubs with the end face of the stationary part. When subjected to the axial force (FX), the friction torque will be greater than the inner diameter fitting resistance torque, resulting in the forced rotation of the tightening ring and the shaft fitting surface, aggravating the wear of the shaft journal

therefore, the following points should be paid attention to during the installation of thrust bearing

(1) distinguish the tight ring and loose ring of the bearing (according to the inner diameter of the vertical oil cylinder controlled by the bearing 1, the hole diameter difference is o.1 ~ o.5mm)

(2) distinguish the static parts of the mechanism (that is, the parts that do not move, mainly refers to the assembly)

(3) in any case, the loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end face of the stationary part

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