Foreign matter detection of the hottest meat produ

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Foreign matter detection of meat products is valued

at present, many countries have strict requirements for metal detection of imported and exported food. This has also attracted the attention of people in the domestic industry, calling for strengthening the detection of foreign bodies in food, especially meat products

meat production enterprises usually use machinery for slaughtering and processing on a large scale. Most of them use stainless steel equipment from slaughtering to segmentation, mixing and filling, which is extremely detrimental to the development of the domestic plastic extruder industry. In the production process, the wear of mechanical parts may cause problems such as chip falling, and if eaten by consumers, it will pose a threat to life. Therefore, testing equipment is necessary for manufacturers

almost 91% of regular meat production enterprises use metal detection equipment with overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, overload and other protection devices, which can generally detect metal foreign bodies of 0.8-1.0mm. Some large enterprises also use more advanced X-ray foreign body detection equipment to pick out foreign bodies such as bones, lines, hair and glass

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