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[contract of work] - Sino foreign processing contract with supplied materials

legal representative:________ Title:________ Nationality:________

Party B:____ Country________ Company, address: ______:________ Telex:________

legal representative:________ Title:________ Nationality:________

in order to carry out processing business with supplied materials, both parties hereby enter into this contract through friendly negotiation

Article 1 processing content

Party B provides processing to Party A________ (product)________ Party A shall process the raw materials provided by Party B into products and deliver them to Party B

Article 2 delivery

Party B shall provide Party A with________ Raw materials, and be responsible for transporting them to________ The station (via the port) shall be delivered to Party A; After Party A receives the raw materials________ Finished products to be processed within months________ Set is responsible for transporting to________ The port shall be delivered to Party B

Article 3 quantity and quality of incoming materials

the raw materials provided by Party B must contain ___% Loss reserve ratio of; The processing quantity is not included in the extra supply part. The materials provided by Party B to Party A shall comply with Annex I (omitted) and specifications of this contract. If Party B fails to provide Party A with the raw materials that should be delivered on time, in accordance with the quality and quantity, Party A shall not be responsible for the failure to perform this contract, but also claim the loss of downtime from Party B; Party B hereby agrees to confirm

Article 4 processing quantity and quality

If Party A fails to deliver the industrial products on time, according to the quality and quantity, plus ----- Professor Zhang Yajun/Vice President of the school of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, after Party B puts forward, Party A shall compensate Party B for the losses suffered

Article 5 processing fee

the processing fee for processing by Party A for Party B is at the time of conclusion of this contract________ Annual for each set________ Coin________ Yuan; The processing fee from the second year after the contract is signed shall be separately discussed by both parties, but shall not be less than each set____ Coin____ Yuan; The processing fee is determined according to the domestic and foreign labor costs at the time of signing the contract. Therefore, when the level of domestic labor costs in China changes, both parties will negotiate separately

Article 6 payment method

Party B will deliver the raw materials without price to Party A; One month before Party A delivers the contract products to Party B, Party B shall open a sight letter of credit to Party A to pay the processing fee

Article 7 transportation and insurance

Party B shall be responsible for the freight and insurance premium of raw materials delivered by Party B to Party A; Party A shall be responsible for the freight and insurance costs of sending them, envelopes and plastic bags to Party B under this contract

Article 8 force majeure

when one party cannot perform the contract due to the accidents caused by war and serious natural disasters and other force majeure agreed by both parties, we will combine the specific conditions of frequent use of friction testing and surface texture measurement, and that party shall notify the other party of the accident as soon as possible and negotiate with the other party to extend the period of performance of the contract. The other party shall not claim compensation for the losses caused thereby

Article 9 arbitration

during the execution of this contract, in case of any dispute, both parties shall settle it through friendly negotiation. If no settlement can be reached through negotiation, it shall be submitted to China________ The arbitration institution conducts arbitration. The applicable law of arbitration is:

1 International conventions and treaties acceded to by the people's Republic of China

2. Laws of the people's Republic of China

3. When there is no express provision in Chinese law, the internationally prevailing practice shall apply

the arbitration award is final and the arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party

Article 10 validity of the contract

this contract shall take effect from the date of signature. Valid until the date specified in this contract________ A set of finished products processed by Party A shall be delivered to Party B and shall terminate upon receipt of all fees payable by Party B, including processing fees

Article 11 renewal of the contract

before the expiration of the contract________ In August, if one party needs to renew the contract, it can submit it to the other party for negotiation

Article 12 contract text and words

the original of this contract is in duplicate____ Each party holds one copy

the contract is based on the Chinese____ The two languages have the same effect

Article 13 others

1 The expenses of packaging, auxiliary materials, transportation, insurance and other items consumed by Party A for the delivery of Party B's products shall be charged in addition to the processing fee, but these expenses shall not exceed ___% of each set of contract products

2. After receiving the raw materials, Party A shall accept their specifications and quality according to the technical standards provided by Party B. If the raw materials provided by Party B do not meet the standards, or the quantity is insufficient, Party B shall be responsible for returning or supplementing after Party A submits the inspection report to Party B

Article 14 changes to contract terms

if there are matters not covered in this contract, or in case of special circumstances that need to be supplemented or changed, both parties must reach an agreement through consultation

Party A:________________ (seal) Party B:________________ (seal)

representative:____ To exit the system correctly____________ Representative:________________

____ Year____ Month____ Day____ Year____ Month____ Day

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