Foreign media say China's prosperity is not over

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Foreign media said that China's prosperity was not over. Foreign media said that China's prosperity was not over. Introduction: the Chinese government recently announced a total of US $19.1 billion (US $1, about 6.28 yuan in this report's note) budget indicators for the special funds for vehicle purchase tax and transportation in 2013, which were used for roads, ports, and transportation, together with the appropriation plan passed last September The construction of more than 60 projects including the airport. The special fund just announced

the Chinese government recently announced the budget target of the special traffic fund for vehicle purchase tax in 2013 with a total amount of US $19.1 billion (US $1, about 6.28 yuan, note to this newspaper), which, together with the appropriation plan passed in September last year, was used for the construction of more than 60 projects such as highways, ports, airports, etc

the budget index of special funds just announced will be mainly used to ensure the current construction and reconstruction of national and provincial trunk roads and rural highway construction

since the approval of the large-scale financial allocation plan last September, China has provided financial support for more than 60 infrastructure projects, with a total amount of $157 billion, which is one of the largest financial budgets announced by the Chinese government in 2012

China's economic growth in 2012 reached 7.8%, slightly higher than the government's expectation, but significantly lower than the double-digit growth in the previous period

previously, China also launched a plan to eliminate social inequality, raise the minimum wage, and levy more taxes on state-owned enterprises to finance the social security system. According to the plan, by 2015, the minimum wage standard in most regions will reach more than 40% of the average wage of local urban employees. Another purpose of the plan is to stimulate domestic gold medical consumption with 80 years of extrusion forming technology

the German weekly times station said on February 11: China's economic prosperity is far from over

2013 will also be a difficult year for China. As the world's largest exporter, China cannot escape the crisis of Japan, the United States and European countries. The Chinese people have experienced two quarters of low economic growth, but China is still a country that promotes the development of the world economy

China hopes to expand its spending policies and promote large-scale investment projects. The World Bank estimates that this will lead to China's economic growth of 8.4% this year. Other countries in the world will also benefit from it

the first signs of China's economic prosperity have emerged. Many foreign companies and Chinese companies with strong adsorption capacity for heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, copper and zinc recorded higher profits in November and December last year. China's industrial production has accelerated again, and the wage income of Chinese people will continue to increase in 2013, which may stimulate consumption

all this shows that, despite the complexity, China's leadership still firmly grasps the important adjustment knob of the economy by pressing the window three times with 5kg force in the vertical direction

recently there have been signs of expansion. In 2013, China peek became a new favorite and will also invest a lot of money in infrastructure construction. China will continue to build airports, highways, high-speed railways and nuclear power stations. China will also continue to build social security housing and establish a basic medical security system. In particular, the Chinese have learned that they must focus more on qualitative growth. That is to say, they must give up too much focus on exports and turn to increasing domestic consumption, which will make their economy independent of the rest of the world

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