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Prediction of import and export of food and packaging machinery industry experts believe that the market share of domestic food and packaging machinery will gradually expand. It is predicted that during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, China's domestic food machinery will occupy% of the domestic market share, and packaging machinery will occupy% of the market share. Imported equipment accounts for the remaining share

according to the survey and statistics of the customs, the import volume of food machinery decreased in previous years, but the import volume of packaging machinery increased rapidly. At the end of 1994, the output value of imported food and packaging machinery was more than US $1.8 billion, basically the same as that of domestic production machinery and equipment. In 1997, the import value of food machinery was 372million US dollars and that of packaging machinery was 1435 million US dollars. Experts believe that this is because the reliability of packaging machinery will directly affect the efficiency of the entire food production line, and most users are willing to choose high-quality imported equipment

348 water-based treatment agent however, at present, many domestic products are gradually narrowing the gap with the world's advanced level extruded polystyrene board, and have considerable price advantages. The domestic food and packaging industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, which prefer to choose domestic equipment that is 3 to 5 times cheaper than foreign equipment, so the demand for it is gradually increasing

in terms of exports, China's food and packaging machinery industry will continue its growth trend for many years, with broad prospects. Experts believe that the technical level of China's food and packaging machinery is very suitable for the economic conditions of Southeast Asia and African countries, and the current trade volume with these regions is very small, so there is great potential. The experts specially pointed out that for products with general technical content, Taiwan and South Korea are the main special projects. The power supply voltage of plastic 4 electrical installation experimental machine is 3-phase 380V. The electrical plug connection between the main body and the hydraulic control box will be a highlight in the meeting and a competitor; In terms of high-tech large-scale products, Germany, Japan and the United States are strong

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