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2019 global and Chinese UAV market status + trend forecast

] according to the Islamic Republic of Iran tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, and yield strength, the national news agency reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot down an American UAV on June 19 local time. This UAV was accurately shot down by Iran when entering the vicinity of khormuzgan Province in southern Iran. At the same time, Captain bill urban, spokesman of the United States central command, announced that the United States had no drones flying over Iranian territory

the Islamic Republic News Agency reported great good news to the Iranian people. This drone is RQ-4 global eagle. It has never been shot down before, which has inspired the morale and courage of the Iranian people at a low tide

not long after that, U.S. officials had to admit on the 20th that there was indeed a U.S. military aircraft shot down by Iran over the Strait of Hormuz during its mission, and said that no pilot was injured on board

in recent years, the UAV industry has developed rapidly and is widely used in personal consumption, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, geographical surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, power line patrol, film and television aerial photography and other fields. It is understood that at present, the UAV market is mainly composed of personal consumption UAVs and commercial UAVs. Consumer UAVs are mainly used for aerial photography, follow-up and other entertainment scenes. Commercial UAVs have a wide range of applications, which can be used in agriculture, forestry and plant protection, logistics, security, patrol and other fields. The price of consumer UAV basically remains below $5000, and the endurance capacity is no more than 1 hour. Compared with personal UAV, commercial UAV has larger payload and longer flight time. At present, it is applied successfully in the industrial field. Although the shipment volume of commercial UAV market is small, the price is high, and the revenue accounts for two-thirds of the UAV market

according to Gartner data, the global UAV market output in 2018 reached 3.13 million units, with a market size of US $7.3 billion, with a year-on-year growth rate of 28%. It is estimated that the global UAV market shipments will reach 3.707 million units in 2019

data source: China artificial intelligence development report, 2018, compiled by China Academy of commerce industry

at this stage, the R & D, production and use of UAVs have become an important manifestation of the competitiveness of countries. Although countries all over the world attach great importance to the R & D of UAV technology, 2038-t4 and have invested a lot of resources, on the whole, the development of UAV technology in the world is uneven. From the perspective of the regional market composition of the global UAV development, the world UAV market is mainly concentrated in North America and Europe, accounting for 54% and 30% respectively. The United States and Israel are ahead of other countries in the research and development of military UAVs

data source: according to the different application fields, UAVs can be classified into military UAVs and civil UAVs, among which civil UAVs can be further divided into industrial UAVs and consumer UAVs. According to the classification of technical characteristics, UAVs can be divided into fixed wing UAV, multi rotor UAV, unmanned helicopter and compound wing UAV. In China, military unmanned aerial vehicles account for 90%

data source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

since 2012, UAV transactions in the United States have accounted for 65% of the global share; China ranks second with 5%; Followed by Australia, Canada and Britain, accounting for 4%; The share of French drone transactions is less than 3%

at present, the main application fields of UAV are energy, agriculture, police, infrastructure, disaster relief, commerce, medical treatment and personal use. According to the data, the sales scale of China's civil UAV market reached 2.4 billion yuan in 2015. With the gradual expansion of the field of UAV applications, the market demand for UAVs has gradually increased, breaking the 10 billion yuan mark in 2018, reaching 13.4 billion yuan. The domestic civil UAV market has great potential, and the market scale is expected to exceed 20billion yuan in 2019

data source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

military UAV is an unmanned aircraft controlled and operated by remote control equipment or self-contained programs. According to its control mode, it is mainly divided into three types: radio remote control, automatic program control and integrated control. With the characteristics of exquisite structure, strong concealment, convenient use, low cost and flexible performance, it is mainly used for battlefield reconnaissance, electronic jamming and other weapons to perform offensive tasks, as well as for air communication relay platform, nuclear test sampler, nuclear explosion and nuclear radiation reconnaissance aircraft

according to data, the size of China's military UAV market in 2015 was 4.52 billion yuan, only 10% of the global market, accounting for about 0.48% of China's military spending. By 2018, China's military UAV market was about 12billion yuan, an increase of 165.5% over 2015. In the future, China's military UAV market will maintain sustained and stable growth, which is expected to be nearly 15 billion yuan in 2019

data source: China Academy of commerce industry collates

prediction of the future development trend of the UAV industry

the global UAV market is developing rapidly, and the Chinese market is facing development opportunities, and the pace of layout is not stopped for it. At present, China's UAV industry is dominated by consumer UAVs, but commercial UAVs are also being favored

the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAV manufacturing industry, which pointed out that by 2020, the civil UAV industry will continue to develop rapidly, with an output value of 60billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. By 2025, the output value of civil UAVs will reach 180billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%. The industrial scale, technical level and enterprise strength will continue to maintain the international leading momentum, establish and improve the standards, testing and certification system and industrial system of civil UAVs, and realize the safe, controllable, benign and healthy development of civil UAVs

in the future, the development forecast of China's UAV industry is as follows:

(1) vigorously carry out technological innovation

enterprises should carry out collaborative innovation with universities and scientific research institutions, carry out key technology research around civil UAV power system, flight control system, etc., and focus on breaking through core technologies such as real-time accurate positioning, dynamic scene perception and avoidance, autonomous flight for complex environments, and group operations; Carry out the research and development of miniaturized and universal load equipment, highly integrated special chips, long endurance and heavy load/hybrid layout UAV

(2) expand the field of service application

enterprises should speed up the construction of application infrastructure and service guarantee system in the civil UAV industry, establish technology application exchange platforms, new technology demonstration and verification centers, and promote the innovative application of civil UAVs in agricultural and forestry plant protection, logistics express delivery, geographic mapping, environmental monitoring, power line patrol, safety patrol, emergency rescue and other industries. Promote the integrated application of artificial intelligence in the field of civil UAVs, accelerate the improvement of the entertainment and intelligent operation level of civil UAVs, and support the development of diversified derivative products and services. Accelerate the development of productive services such as civil UAV leasing, insurance and training. Expand the application of civil UAVs in culture, education and other fields

(3) promote the construction of management and control platform

study and formulate digital rules and technical solutions for civil UAVs to realize one code for one machine; Guide enterprises to bring products under national unified control by adding communication modules, upgrading flight control software, reserving interfaces, or adopting national unified transmission protocols and other technical means; The civil UAV can be identified, monitored and managed by means of mobile, broadcast automatic monitoring system or satellite communication until the sample is damaged. Accelerate the construction of a national control platform based on civil UAV identification and flight status, establish a security protection system, and strengthen the security guarantee ability of the control platform itself

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