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Foreign language translation of export agricultural products packaging needs to be careful

[China Packaging News] I believe you all know that pure natural agricultural products are very popular abroad. It is necessary to affirm the characteristics of the above materials. Therefore, the arrangement of foreign words on the packaging of agricultural products needs careful consideration and careful arrangement. Foreign language translation must understand the language characteristics of the target language. 4. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler should be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, regularly inspect whether the cooling copper pipe has cracks and water leakage;, Be familiar with the culture of the target country, and the text needs to be concise. Avoid literal translation or literal translation. Of course, the words on the packaging also need to be concise, with the goal of meeting the different needs of customers, which is true, vivid, timely, readable and easy to remember. The package should clearly indicate: eggs, beans, watermelon, rice, Cereals, etc. In this way, ordinary agricultural products have become exquisite handicrafts after being designed and packaged, and their value has doubled several times

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